What is it like to be a Maine search and rescue volunteer

Searching for a lost person

The job of a certified Search and Rescue volunteer is no walk in the woods. Crawling through thick vegetation, battling rain and wind, looking for any clue to find a missing person is extremely difficult.Maine Association for Search And Rescue (MASAR)Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & WildlifeJim Bridgehttps://bit.ly/2AsRBi3

Posted by Chris Costa on Thursday, 25 October 2018

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8 months ago

9 months ago

There is a meeting tonight - 530 - at the Vacationland Inn located in Brewer

9 months ago
Maine State Police - Headquarters

Maine State Police and Lewiston Police are asking the public’s help in locating a Lewiston man who has been missing for over a week.

53-year-old Stephen Brown was last seen on August 26. Brown ... See more

10 months ago
Westbrook Maine Police Department

We are requesting your assistance this morning in locating 87 year old Herman Bosse of Westbrook. Mr. Bosse has been reported missing by his son and was last seen Tuesday afternoon at his physicians ... See more

10 months ago
Photos from Maine All Terrain Search and Rescue's post

Touch A Truck
Bangor Waterfront until 12 today

10 months ago
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

TOWNSHIP D, Maine –The body of Jeffrey Aylward, 63, of Plymouth, Massachusetts was found shortly after 10:00 this morning by Game Warden Kyle Hladik. Aylward’s family reported him missing to ... See more

10 months ago
West Forks Volunteer Fire Department

Today, August 3, West Forks Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched to Moxie Falls for a 10 year old patient that had fallen down an embankment near the falls with head trauma. Chief Tom, FF Katie ... See more

10 months ago
Photos from Maine All Terrain Search and Rescue's post

Our communications trailer was deployed today to assist in the search for Charles Jacob's. Due to the remote area and lack of cell coverage we were able to extend communications from the command post ... See more

10 months ago

We will be assisting the warden service tomorrow in a search effort to locate Charles Jacobs. Our team is responding with our radio communications trailer and will be assisting with ground ... See more

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Maine All Terrain Search and Rescue (MAT-SAR) officially formed Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018.

Mat-SAR  is a non-profit agency that provides services to the state of Maine and the people within. Our services may be rendered at the request of any state agency, local municipality, or directly from any person or family in need.

Furthermore, we hope to provide services in large search areas utilizing modified off road equipment. Equipment may consist of ATVS, snowmobiles, trucks, Jeepsor any suitable off road equipment. We are also capable of providing other services such as emergency communications and essential equipment or licenses to other volunteer organizations as desired.

We also will provide operators who have demonstrated knowledge of off-road ethics and are certified in Tread Lightly. Our members will also have demonstrated skills in recovery utilizing winches, hi-lift jacks, snatch blocks, cables, and straps. They will also have been exposed to and taught how to drive in all seasons through soft, frozen, rocky, steep, or terrain that places a vehicle in off camber positions. We also are willing to recover vehicles that are inaccessible due to terrain, left behind due to a medical incident or accident, vandalized, or at the request of law enforcement. We may not always be able to recover equipment, but we are willing to extract parties involved to safety. Anyone may request our services. We do not charge a fee, but donations are graciously accepted.

However, extreme circumstances we may request reimbursement. Circumstances where reimbursement may be requested:

  1.  The state agency in charge of search has requested reimbursement of services.
  2.  A search was initiated on false or misleading information.
  3.  Our responding equipment was abused/damaged and/or our operators were physically or verbally abused by parties being rescued.
  4.  Our equipment took abuse or damage due to misleading or false information. 5. Parties being rescued were utilizing drugs/alcohol, were engaged in illegal off roading, property destruction, and/or any other illegal activity.

Signed and approved by,

Mike Watson – President

President Chris Clark – Vice President