Apply to Join

Apply to Join

Thank you for interest in Maine All Terrain Search and Rescue, we appreciate all who are willing to volunteer their time. Our organization does not require previous experience in Search and Rescue or a related field. Any interested person who is not certified or experienced may still apply and be accepted as long as they meet our basic requirements.

We ask that any person interested in joining our organization must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have no prior or pending criminal history ( Must be able to pass a background check )
  3. Not be dependent on mind altering substances or chemicals
  4. Provide two professional references
  5. Apply using the form below


We would  like to disclose that this organization is not a club, this is a volunteer service organization.  The organization has obligations to the state and citizen we serve. As part of those obligations, every member who applies to the organization must become a certified Search and Rescue volunteer through the Maine Association of Search and Rescue. 

By becoming a certified search and rescue volunteer you are entitled to workman’s comp and medical care in the event anything should happen to you in the field. Furthermore, you are also entrusted by the wardens service with the confidence that you will provide professional service and able to provide services that won’t hinder criminal proceedings or disrupt the search. 

We also ask that every member submit a $20 membership fee upon acceptance. We apply this to unit cost of dues the unit will pay for unit certification, operations cost, and any consumables we give to our members. Dues are collected at the members meetings and are due annually in January, we do not prorate dues for late submission.

Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance, all applications are reviewed monthly by the board of directors. However, we will reach out to you and invite you to the next available meeting.

Any information you provide will never be sold or given to any third party, only the board of directors for Maine All Terrain Search and Rescue will be allowed privy to this information.